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Experts In Remodeling & Design

Darrin has steadily accumulated construction experience for 30 years, where he worked for MI - Homes and Brets Carpentry. Since 1998, Darrin has operated under his own business Lakes Construction. Along with the skills to handle any remodeling project, he has developed the skills to design the projects as well. Not only does he operate all aspects of the business, but is always on-site doing the work. With Lakes Construction and Darrin, you will have the assurance the boss is always there and the best work is being done. He provides a passion driven work ethic combined with an always updating design profile that keeps him amongst the best in the remodeling industry. Darrin and his family have lived in West Chester and the Liberty Township area for the last 15 years. 

Making Residential Design Matter 

Lakes Constructions partners with home owners to come up with personal and custom designs for their homes. With 25 years of professional experience, Lakes Construction provides a wonderful blend of creative design and hands-on knowledge that ensures that every project is exactly the way you want it. From design to finish, we always provide excellent customer service. You can trust us to finish your project with familiar faces every day with peace of mind.

Photo Gallery 

Check out our Gallery for Past and Current Projects

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